Essentials Package - only $999

No one else provides this: We're going to boost your business by building you an incredible website AND we'll get you on the most impactful local review sites.  This is web design like you've never seen before.

We'll help you capitalize on the advantages of being a local company by taking the following steps.

Responsive design website

Step 1: Build a custom, mobile-optimized website

We're going to build you a custom website, which will be based on your goals and strategy. It's critical that your website displays perfectly when viewed on a phone as more and more consumers use their phones for web browsing.

Your website needs to be an asset that helps your company gain visibility, attract visitors, and turn those visitors into customers. That's what we're here for.

Website optimized for search

Step 2: Optimize the site for search

By having a mobile-optimized website, your site will be amplified in Google searches. Further, we leverage specific techniques in order to get your site well-placed on Google or Bing searches. It's important that the bones of your site be setup to aid these search engines and this will allow potential customers to find you.

Additionally, when consumers search, Google and Bing give priority to companies that can prove that they're local.

Finally, paid search campaigns can be extremely beneficial but your site must be setup for a great user experience. Otherwise, all of those clicks that you're paying for will be fruitless.

Local review and advice sites

Step 3: promote your business on local review and advice sites

There are certain heavily-trafficked review and advice websites that only local companies can be a part of. Yelp is the obvious one but did you know that there are many others that only local companies can be a part of? We will setup your company on these sites to ensure that consumers are finding you where they're looking.

Marketing analysis

Step 4: Analysis

We will provide you with access to two analytics tools, which you can leverage to learn more about your website, visitors, and customers. Further, these tools can reveal new tactics that should be part of your arsenal.

Alternatively, we can provide analysis as a monthly service, as we do for many clients.