Marketing Tactic Consulting

Once you have defined your Marketing Strategy, you can confidently decide which Marketing Tactics you should utilize. We have proven expertise leveraging many tactics, including the ones mentioned below.

Email consulting


Email is an extremely cost-effective tactic but it must done the right way. We apply proven techniques to increase engagement rates while decreasing your unsubscribe rate.

Direct mail consulting

direct mail

Tremendously effective when the right audience is selected. We have a proven track record of driving millions of dollars worth of incremental revenue with this tactic.

Facebook advertising consulting

facebook advertising

Facebook allows for strong segmentation and look-alike modeling. With over 2 billion users, selecting the right audience is critical.

Google Adwords and paid search consulting

Paid search

Consumers are searching Google everyday for the products or services that you provide. Ensure that those consumers are clicking on your website by properly using this tactic. If done correctly, this tactic can extremely helpful.

Omni-channel direct mail consulting

Omni-Channel Direct Mail

Absolutely a cutting-edge tactic and one that your competitors are not using. We are seeing 50% lifts in revenue by using this tactic.