Marketing Strategy Consulting

A defined and well-articulated Marketing Strategy is critical to your success. Determining your strategy isn't about brainstorming or "thinking outside the box." Instead, your Strategy must be thought through in a very structured way. We will apply this successful methodology for your business. Through this method, we will tackle the following questions and more.

Marketing strategy consulting - Marketing analysis


We have to understand the past to inform the future. We will undertake a thorough analysis of your past initiatives to inform your strategy moving forward.

Marketing strategy consulting - Customer segmentation


We will perform an analysis on your current customers to determine the most viable segments. This segmentation analysis will inform the proper messaging, content, and tactics to leverage.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential component of successful customer retention. We can provide a full range of CRM services, if need be. 

Marketing tactics consulting

what & How

Once we have identified the best segments to target, we will provide recommendations around which tactics to use as part of your arsenal.

We have extensive experience implementing these tactics and we can provide consulting to support them.

Marketing strategy consulting - Where to place marketing tactics


Choosing the right tactics isn't enough. We will provide recommendations around what placements or locations will gain your company the best return on investment.

Marketing strategy consulting - Timing of marketing activities and initiatives


Finally, the timing of your marketing activities are critical. We will take into account many customer-centric variables such as the expected length of time to make a buying decision and what the stages of that buying decision are for your specific product or service.