Additional Support Services

Any strong Marketing department will have a staff dedicated to reporting, analysis, and optimization. Let us fulfill this role for your company at a fraction of the cost of building your own team.

Website analysis and reporting

Ongoing website analysis and reporting

In modern marketing, your website is your most valuable piece of real estate. Therefore, it is critical that you continue to optimize your site to best meet customer needs and wants.

With our Essentials Package, we provide you with two analysis tools, which will allow you to better understand your site, its performance, who browses, and why they are or are not becoming customers.

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

customer relationship management

Gaining insight into your current and past customers is a must. What are their common characteristics? What can be done to entice them to do more business with you? How can you gain referrals from them?

We can build a database for you, which will turn your customer data into a true asset.

Our team has years of experience maintaining, leveraging, and optimizing an industry-leading database for a $500 million company here in Kansas City.

Marketing campaign analysis

Marketing campaign analysis

Let us take a look at the campaigns that you ran in the past. How did the promotions within the campaign perform? Are there areas for optimization and opportunities to generate more incremental revenue for your company?